Frequently Asked Questions

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All orders are processed within 2 days of being placed. Orders placed on non business days will begin to be processed on the next business day.

Upon order completion, you will receive an order confirming your order. You will also receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number via email once your package has been prepared for shipment, If you have questions or did not receive these emails please contact us through the contact us page so we can address your concerns. 

If you entered the wrong information for your order please contact us as soon as possible so we can see if it's reversible. We are unable to guarantee anything if the order has already been shipped as once an order has begun the shipping process we are unable to reverse anything.

It's super simple.

  • Insert an sd card of up to 128gb
  • Choose recording mode
  • Plug it in!

For sure!

The Lynked is compatible with with any country worldwide as long as you use an outlet adaptor.

We offer refunds for orders that include a damaged product (not the packaging), or that have been lost in postage. If you would like to request a refund please contact us as soon as possible.

Simply plug the provided usb-to-usb connector into the charging port on your Lynked, and into a usb port on your computer to transfer files over.

You can also remove the sd card and transfer files directly through this.

Your recordings are saved onto an SD card, which can be accessed with the provided USB SD card reader. 

If the SD card becomes full, your oldest footage will be recorded over by the newest footage, ensuring you are kept up to date. 

You can switch between motion detection and continuous recording by flipping the according switch behind the Smart Charge's face.

You can send us a message through our "Contact Us" page or you can send an email directly to: lynkedcontact@gmail.com